Alaska Bear Adventures

Yes, it’s worth it. It’s a pity that the phrase “…in their natural habitat,” is so boring. The difference between this: and this: is the difference between a pixel and the Sistine Chapel. Deciding to spend the money on this trip was the hardest part of our Alaska trip. My wife DALOR (Did A Lot […]

Review “The Wasp Factory”

The Wasp Factory by Iain Banks My rating: 4 of 5 stars Very well written. First-person account of a psychopath or maybe a sociopath living deep inside a metaphor in Scotland. Very unsettling, with a narrator who’s clearly unreliable, so one is always wondering if incidents or even entire characters are imaginary. Although certain twists […]

Tap 7 Times to Enable Developer Options in Android Jelly Bean

How to enable developer settings on Android 4.2 | Android Central. I just got myself a Nexus 4 for cross-platform development, but it didn’t initially appear as a device in Xamarin Studio. Initial Googling and SO’ing indicated a non-existent “Settings->Application->Developer” route to enable debugging on the phone. Instead, the correct sequence is “Settings->About phone->{tap 7 […]

The Governor vs. Boyd Crowder

The Justified finale had a scene that summed up one of it’s greatest strengths: Raylan, the putative hero, and Boyd, the putative villain, demonstrate how parallel they are to each other: Raylan points to Boyd’s career and sneers at the thought that Boyd imagines himself anything other than “the bad guy.” Boyd points to Raylan’s […]

Literate Programming from HTML

OK, let’s see if this works… This is the basic structure of the “Hello, World!” program in C#: using System; class Hello { <getchunk id=”Main”/> } where the Main chunk is defined as : static void Main() { Console.WriteLine(“Hello, World!”); } C# Command-Line Extraction And if you clone my Github repository, you can: $ mono […]