Dell Infuriates Me

Sunday rant: I have a 2016 Dell XPS (high-end) laptop. I bought a Dell 25″ 4K monitor. And on Friday received a Dell Thunderbolt dock for the monitor. I plug it all together and although the monitor displays wonderfully, the dock is not passing USB through. So I start fiddling around with “unplug from dock, […]

Airport Time Capsule considered harmful

The premise of the Apple ecosystem is “It just works.” It is a world of hardware and software in which you pay a premium for not having to worry about fiddling with configurations and command-line options and incompatibility. The Airport Time Capsule is a wireless router that also contains a hard drive for backups and […]

Experiment in Auto-Generated UML as a Documentation Tool

I wrote a program to automatically generate class diagrams, filtered by coupling. Here is the result for CoreBluetooth in iOS:     You can see there are clusters around CBPeer, CBPeripheral, and CBCentral and that CBCharacteristic is another class with lots of references. Obviously, huge class diagrams are more noise than signal, but if I […]

For Immediate Release…

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: NEANY Inc. to Exhibit Unmanned Solutions at AUVSI’s Unmanned Systems North America 2013 ~ Arrow UAV, Ground Control Station, and Unmanned Surface Vehicle will be on display~ Hollywood, MD – August 07, 2013 ( — NEANY Inc., an industry leader in providing time-sensitive tactical solutions for a variety of missions, is a […]