“The Deuce” Stinks. A Rant.

I’m a hair’s-breadth away from declaring that “The Deuce,” HBO’s Sunday night “prestige drama” about flesh-peddling and pornos in Times Square and 42nd Street in the mid-70s, is an exercise in trolling, some kind of meta-level commentary on the lack of drama, characterization, or stakes in, y’know, pornos. It’s almost easier to believe that David […]

Star Party on Mauna Kea

My just-purchased SV102ED is my first “real” telescope and is a purchase I’ve put off for decades (ever since I realized what a huge $ gap there was between a mall-store telescope and a decent one). After a lot of research, I went for the SV102ED “clearance special” with the M1 mount, a star diagonal, and a 23mm eyepiece. I […]

30K application lines + 110K testing lines: Evidence of…?

I recently wrote an encomium to ResolverOne, the IronPython-based spreadsheet: [T]heir use of pair programming and test-driven development has delivered high productivity; of the 140,000 lines of code, 110,000 are tests….ResolverOne has been in development for roughly two years, is written in a language without explicit type declarations, and is on an implementation that itself […]