Accessing the Android Barometer using Xamarin.Android

Easily: < ![CDATA[ [Activity (Label = “HelloBarometer”, MainLauncher = true)] public class Activity1 : Activity, ISensorEventListener { TextView mainLabel; protected override void OnCreate(Bundle bundle) { base.OnCreate(bundle); // Set our view from the “main” layout resource SetContentView(Resource.Layout.Main); //Detect the barometer var sm = (SensorManager) this.GetSystemService(Context.SensorService); var barry = sm.GetDefaultSensor(SensorType.Pressure); //Subscribe to it sm.RegisterListener(this, barry, SensorDelay.Normal); // […]

Tap 7 Times to Enable Developer Options in Android Jelly Bean

How to enable developer settings on Android 4.2 | Android Central. I just got myself a Nexus 4 for cross-platform development, but it didn’t initially appear as a device in Xamarin Studio. Initial Googling and SO’ing indicated a non-existent “Settings->Application->Developer” route to enable debugging on the phone. Instead, the correct sequence is “Settings->About phone->{tap 7 […]

The Governor vs. Boyd Crowder

The Justified finale had a scene that summed up one of it’s greatest strengths: Raylan, the putative hero, and Boyd, the putative villain, demonstrate how parallel they are to each other: Raylan points to Boyd’s career and sneers at the thought that Boyd imagines himself anything other than “the bad guy.” Boyd points to Raylan’s […]