Comment Spam: The Voice Of Experience

Author : Effortless Products For nail fungus treatment – Some Practical Guidance (IP: , E-mail : URL    : Whois  : Comment: When you are starting up a new organization you certainly want to come up with a catchy business title that will be special from other folks out there. An beautiful […]

“Moneycode” not “Developernomics”: My Hunch as to the Distribution of Software Excellence

Part 1: Forbes is wrong about “Developernomics” Part 2: Why 10x Ticks Me Off If this subject’s of interest to you, you might enjoy (or despise) the column on the subject I’ve been writing for SD Times for the past decade. In order to understand my position on why I don’t believe in 10x Superprogrammers, […]

Forbes is wrong about “Developernomics”

Forbes is wrong when it says: The thing is, software talent is extraordinarily nonlinear…It’s still a kind of black magic…the 10x phenomenon, and the industry’s reliance on it, doesn’t seem to get engineered or managed away. Because the 10xers keep inventing new tools for themselves to stay 10xers… This is folklore, not science, and it […]