Is Watson Elementary?: Pt. 2

I used to be on top of ¬†Artificial Intelligence — I wrote a column for and ultimately went on to be the Editor-in-Chief of AI Expert, the leading trade magazine in the AI field at the time. I’ve tried to stay, not professionally competent, but familiar with the field. That has been rather difficult because […]

Top 10 Watson Answers

What is Lady Gaga? What is Batman would totally defeat Godzilla? What is boxers, because the boys need to breathe? What is the Butlerian Jihad? What is Team Edward? What is orange you glad I didn’t say banana? What is antikythera mechanism? (“Sorry, we were looking for ‘Who is Adam?’”) What is a ring of […]

Is Watson Elementary?

We have to be very quick to ask if the astonishment we feel at Watson’s performance on Jeopardy is a projection. Eliza, the computerized Rogerian psychoanalyst does little more than slightly disguise the question “why do you feel that?” — a question that people are so delighted to answer that they overlook the mechanical blankness […]

Computer Tackles Jeopardy This Week

The TV quiz show Jeopardy this week will feature an IBM Computer (“Watson”) competing against the two winningest Jeopardy champions. My prediction is that the computer is going to win. I base that on the name of the machine — not Blue J but “Watson.” That’s the name of IBM’s founder and I don’t think […]