Does Your Language Shape How You Think? –

Does Your Language Shape How You Think? – Good article on a question that is always of interest in programming language circles. The modern take, apparently, is ““Languages differ essentially in what they must convey and not in what they may convey.” The obvious example would be that in explicitly-typed languages, you always have […]

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-08-29

Concurrency is hard: Multiday Chinese traffic jam continues # There was a blog post not long ago saying like “MS is not a single company, but a marketing company for 100 companies” Anyone have link? # The “Netduino” an Arduino-pin-compatible shield programmable in C# Fun! # WTF? My iPhone has started creating a […]

100′ Club

‘Not feeling it. Lungs not as full as they should be — already feeling funky. Caught my fins at the surface for a sec. Bail out now and try again.’ These are my thoughts as I approach the first bleach bottle. I am upside down, pulling myself hand-by-hand down a rope clipped to a trio […]

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-08-15

Holy crap! 2 weeks I’m on vacation and someone proves P != NP? # Wikipedia doesn’t have a page for “replica symmetry breaking.” Dang. Other than that, I would TOTALLY follow the P != NP paper. # P != NP AND “Rubik’s Cube requires 20 moves” in the same month? We’re in a […]

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-08-08

Microsoft LightSwitch is the classic “v3 will be awesome” app. # Google Wave, we hardly knew ye # Just passed a scooter / moped gang. # Parked on Tarmac in DEN. At least weather looks good — home later today. # Realized those staring in airport mistook my kite bag for a rifle case. […]