Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-07-25

“The Chemist” Dileep Rao excellent analysis of Inception # Companies are astroturfing reviews of their own iPhone apps on App Store. Not surprising, but disappointing. # “A new kind of grammars that can produce the empty language is designed in this book.” Indeed. # Oh. So _this_ is how a sewing machine works […]

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-07-18

Manhattanhenge is today: # I’m guessing every attendee at PDC10 gets hardware running Windows SlatePad Foundation Services. # The lazy plotting of WW2: # I write like Dan Brown when blogging, Raymond Chandler for publication: # Even if it’s just for the show finale and not a whole season, they should have […]

iPhone App-Trepreneur: Part 2 — Opportunity Always Ring-Tones Twice

“Sir, if you have a milkshake, and I have a milkshake, and my straw reaches across the room, I’ll end up drinking your milkshake.” [1] The biggest milkshake in the software world is Microsoft’s. For 20 years, if you wanted to make money by writing retail software, you did so by targeting Microsoft operating systems: […]

iPhone App-Trepreneur: Part 1 — Desperately Seeking Ka-Ching

You cannot get rich selling your own time. — Scott Adams[1] You can, however, make great fortunes selling things. When I was a kid, there was a girl in school who was heir to a pencil fortune; every time you took a standardized test and filled in one of those ovals completely, her accountant smiled. […]

iPhone App-Trepreneur: Prologue — In Which Our Hero Laments The Loss of His Mojo

You may have noticed a dramatic shift in my online presence over the past few months. At the beginning of May, I more-or-less shut down Twitter, flushed the cache from my RSS reader, and stopped watching Red Sox games on MLB Live (well… mostly). This was in service to the regaining of my mojo, which […]