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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-03-14

Signing off so that I can watch the Oscars spoiler-free. Up “Hurt Locker”! Down “Avatar”! # Edward Tufte takes Gov’t app’t to chair production of reports on recovery spending. # First good rain in Kona in months yesterday afternoon. Cleaned out sky for gorgeous stars and blazing mars. # Any other #oceanic cable subscribers […]

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-03-07

Applying for data-centric jobs. I think of myself as an algorithm / performance guy, so it’s weird to write cover letters with DBA stuff… # USA vs CAN hockey game was epic. Hope it helps NHL. Togue-wearing syrup-suckers: health-care AND gold? # Skinput from CMU and MSR Possible apps: “Ouch! Quit it!” and “Stop […]

Misleading Photo For New Microsoft Tablet Formfactor

Twitter’s buzzing with technolust based on an Engadget article picturing a Microsoft concept-computer. Looks lovely, but the photo is misleading. It shows lines of cursive writing that are fraction of a size of the reader’s fingernail. Take a look at this blowup: Based on my fingernail, that cursive writing is about 3mm tall. You might […]