Google Wave Use-Cases: Food For Thought

Google Wave is, so far, too difficult and buggy to be relied upon (once upon a time, we called this state “beta software”). Nonetheless, the promise for new types of collaboration are there. Here are some thought-provoking use-cases for Wave

1 thought on “Google Wave Use-Cases: Food For Thought

  1. I think that one of the killer apps for Wave would be a collaborative meeting agenda, minutes, and action item tracking system. At the company I work for we use GotoMeeting to connect a handful of remote people together for screen sharing and do audio conferencing using VOIP. Those both work great, but when trying to use a Google Document for creating an Agenda or Google Spreadsheets for tracking action items we often have issues with the documents not updating fast enough or issues with the list formatting becoming corrupt (especially since we have one document tracking a years worth of meetings getting updated by multiple people simultaneously).

    Wave updates basically in real-time, which would make it much easier for multiple people to work on the meeting minutes or agenda at the same time. Also Wave lets you use forms or Gadgets to do structured layout, complex formatting, and basic validation, which would be better for tracking action items than just a simple spreadsheet. There also could be Robots that bring in action items from other meetings or send them out as emails/tasks to the owner.

    I got access to a wave account 6 months ago, but have not had the time to dig through all the documentation and start coding yet. Plus for this to be really useful Wave would have to be made available to Google Apps for Domains accounts instead of just public Google Accounts. Having a “company branded” Wave inbox along side our company email/calendar/contacts/docs (already hosted by Google) could end up being a very useful tool for internal communication.

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