Snow Leopard, Windows 7 Upgrade Problems

Quicken 2006 doesn’t run under Windows 7 and there will not be a Mac version until 2010. I can’t get Hugs or Mercurial running under Snow Leopard due to architecture incompatibilities (32- vs 64-bit) in various support libraries. It’s frustrating wasting so much time downloading, building, tracking dependencies, etc. Especially since these are both essentially […]

Review Disclosure: Separate Treatment for Bloggers and Traditional Media

The FTC recently produced new rules governing disclosure for bloggers and other “word-of-mouth-advertisers.” Basically, the take-away is that a blog, Tweet, Facebook, Amazon review, etc. is now viewed as a paid endorsement if you receive the product from the manufacturer for free. Okay, fair enough. But the FTC “does not consider reviews published in traditional […]

Meijer Giving Functional Programming Intro Course Online

Erik Meijer, an excellent lecturer and one of the smartest people at Microsoft, is giving a 13-part lecture series on “Functional Programming Fundamentals.” It begins here. I am absolutely positive this will be worth the time invested. I just listened to the first lecture, ordered the textbook, and fired up MonoDevelop to do the homework […]

Big Island Internet Professionals

One of the great delights about Hawaii is the diversity you get at events where one might expect a niche crowd. At today’s Big Island Internet meet-up, there were entrepreneurs, people commending the “global consciousness” enabled by the Internet, and a surprising number of martial artists. The speaker, Tom Callos, is a serial entrepreneur. He […]

Enterprise Development for the iPhone

Novell’s MonoTouch makes iPhone development much more appealing for enterprise developers, but enterprise development on the iPhone requires solid database solutions (Want to understand enterprise development? Follow the data). I have begun investigating DB solutions for the iPhone, by which I mean solutions whereby the iPhone can access the big 3 server-side databases: Oracle, SQL […]