“Fritzing” Software Bridges Schematics, Prototypes, PCBs

One of the many things that I haven’t had time to pursue this year is a determination to do some hardware hacking. One aspect that’s been a challenge is moving between the joy of “stick a wire in a breadboard and see what happens” and schematics (I’m sure for the more experience this “challenge” is long forgotten). Fritzing is a piece of software on which you can drag-and-drop wires and components and it will show you the schematic (and vice versa). Kewl.

3 thoughts on ““Fritzing” Software Bridges Schematics, Prototypes, PCBs

  1. I wouldn’t think you can do a lot with a setup like that these days, given the miniaturisation of so many components now. I had a set like this when I was a kid, you made bells ring and buzzers buzz and stuff, but you’d be like connecting molecules up together now. Not the easiest thing to do on your kitchen table – what do you do when you drop a molecule? Eeeek!
    Just passing through… 🙂


  2. All I have to say is were are you to be able to post this from?
    I thought you were in Machu Picchu or Cuzco…
    I really don’t do much computing and all but from what I understand about this even I might be able to do this. Look out world.
    Keep your feet dry!
    XOXOXOXOX to you and Tina.

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