Popfly, Microsoft’s Innovative Mashup Programmer, Cancelled

From John Montgomery comes word that Microsoft’s Popfly project has been cancelled. I was bullish on Popfly, predicting that it would become the power-user’s entrance to Silverlight. I have had a history of wishful thinking about “restoring the bridge between power users and programmers.” I think Microsoft’s Powershell is incredible and it absolutely boggles me […]

Petition to Apple to Create/Improve APIs to Allow Augmented Reality Apps on the iPhone

Apropos my recent discovery of camera heading in iPhone metadata comes word of a petition for Apple to create functions that would allow Augmented Reality development on the iPhone: http://gamesalfresco.com/2009/07/02/open-letter-to-apple-let-us-augment-reality-with-the-iphone/ Augmented Reality are applications that combine computer-generated imagery (or text) with imagery generated from a camera. Examples include applications that show historic photographs from your […]

iPhone 3Gs Embeds Heading (Not Orientation) in EXIF Metadata

Further to last night’s post and based on some carefully aligned photos, I am a little disappointed to conclude that the EXIF value GPSDirectionRef that the iPhone 3Gs inserts is (only) the camera’s magnetic heading expressed as a rational number and not (as I’d hoped) the camera’s 3D orientation in space. No sure conclusion on […]

iPhone 3Gs Encodes Camera Orientation in EXIF (?)

On a hunch I checked the EXIF data attached to my first photos from my new iPhone. The intriguing news is that it has values such as: GPSImageDirection : 2535/383 GPSImageDirectionRef: T The GpsImageDirectionRef = “T” appears to be a constant.(Update: signifies True and not Magnetic north.) Pointing the camera roughly N,E,S,W resulted in: N […]

[76702,706], signing off…

CompuServe Classic is shutting down. I had no idea they were still extant. I wonder if the CLMFORUM and AIEXPERT message boards are archived… Coincidentally, tomorrow is the 20th anniversary of my moving to the San Francisco Bay Area to become Product Review Editor at Computer Language and AI Expert magazines (and to get a […]