Django Taking Flight On IronPython

At PyCon, Microsoft demoed Django running on IronPython. This blog post detailing the code says “not quite complete but … [good enough to] get Django’s tutorial running.” From a language geek standpoint, I prefer Ruby (those object-oriented grooves run deep), but IronPython is very clearly on the cusp of adulthood. In other DLR news, Dermot […]

Microsoft’s StartKey: Computer Environment on a USB Stick. I’ve Experienced This Before and It’s Awesome

StartKey will be a technology that allows you to carry your Windows logon around on a USB keychain. Early reaction is mixed as to the value of this, but I loved something similar when I worked for a company developing software for Sun JavaStation network computers. With JavaStation’s, you had a smartcard that you plugged […]

Ted Leung, Python-ista, joins Sun

Ted Leung has joined Sun to help support Python “in a similar fashion” to the JRuby project. This is not just about Python on on the JVM. Sun will try to make its platforms, OpenSolaris and the JVM, the best place to develop and deploy Python applications. But it’s mostly about Python on the JVM. […]