The Compounding Value of Programmers & Processes

In reaction to No Silver Programmers, several people have spoken to the compounding benefits of good programmers (or the compounding pain of bad programmers). This is an excellent point. I think it’s best put in <a href=””” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer”>this blog post, which takes the focus away from the developers and speaks of the quality […]

Sun Buys MySQL

My initial reaction to this is fear that Sun will try to force things a little too hard. When I think of MySQL, I think of ease-of-use and reliability. When I think of SQL Server and Oracle, I think of the ancillary tools and the fierceness with which DBAs cling to their specialized knowledge. DBAs […]

Kicking Around the Monads

Actually, just a brief post. LINQ has injected into the mainstream a whole range of functional programming topics previously seen as esoteric. Putting aside the merits of each of them, the interesting dynamic to watch will be if these approaches generate a new sub-niche of programming. For instance, C++ templates led to template metaprogramming, just […]