Programmer Productivity Pumped Post Picture-Picking Paradigm?

Mitch Barnett responds to <a href=””” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer”>No Silver Programmers with a discussion of visual programming in BizTalk: [Y]ou drag n dropped onto the canvas (kinda like Visio) and then you would set a bunch of design time properties and sometimes call out to some C# assemblies, or web services or adapters, but most […]

Hackstat : A Framework for Software Development Process Data

Philip Johnson tells me by email of Hackystat: [A]n open source framework for collection, analysis, visualization, interpretation, annotation, and dissemination of software development process and product data…. Hackystat aspires to be the “Apache” of software engineering measurement systems: open source, standalone, scalable, extensible, and platform and technology neutral. Our current thrust with Hackystat is “Collective […]