Tagging Languages And Monolithic Code

The biggest problem with tag-based languages (<h1><% someCode %></h1> : the ASPs, the ColdFusions, the PHPs…) is that they facilitate monolithic code. This is related the big criticism of XML and DOMs for data structures, too: they facilitate the creation of hierarchies, not graphs. (As always with programming, the issue is “facilitates” not “possible”…) My […]

Microsoft Volta Initial Reaction: Too RPC-y

Microsoft’s new Volta toolset allows developers to develop their applications using standard OOP techniques and then use “declarative tier-splitting” to specify which functions should run on the client and which on the server. Erik Meijer says: …Volta starts with a client-side perspective. That is, once developers are satisfied with an application’s functionality and fully understand […]

Mandelbrot via LINQ

Jon Skeet’s generation of the Mandelbrot set via LINQ chaotically oscillates between absurdity and relevance, sensitive to the input of what aspect of concurrency you’re thinking about. If you’re thinking about efficiency, you rapidly head towards “absurd,” but if you think about mental models, it rapidly heads towards relevance (by way of “declarative programming”). But […]

No Single Device Suitable for Different Reading Types?

Jeff Duntemann (a great competitor/friend from the Computer Language days) opines that: [T]here are three different kinds of reading: Meditative reading is reading to change your state of mind…. Autodidactive reading is reading to teach yourself something…. Developmental reading is reading within the process of creating texts for reading or presentation…. What kind of reading […]

Lang.NET Symposium: Jan 28-30 Redmond

Sounds like a great opportunity to hang out with compiler geeks. Since someone’s already beaten me to an LOLCode compiler for the DLR, I’ll have to put in some work on my other projects: <a href=”http://www.knowing.net/PermaLink%2cguid%2c8dc6782d-9207-4909-bcc4-f5dc7444c6c0.aspx”” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer”>Excel# and a more serious language I’ve been noodling around with called Rinq, a REST-Oriented Language that […]