Shiny Buckshot Rather Than Silver Bullets

Wes Moise’s musings on Supercompilation led me to this discussion of the the myth of the sufficiently smart compiler. The “sufficiently smart compiler” is still trotted out regularly, even though the market has moved away from demanding even moderate attention to performance at the compiler level. Have you timed your rectangular arrays in C# lately? Or, to be inclusive, […]


You’ve got friends visiting. They’re in town for 9 days. One day involves driving 4 hours to go to a botanical garden which you’ve been to before and flowers aren’t really your “thing” anyway. Do you do it, because, you know, they’re your friends, you’ll enjoy being with them, etc.? Or do you not do it […]

OLPC Advocates Python-Based Development

As the OLPC launch approaches, I thought I’d take a look at the development environment. Somewhat to my surprise, the <a href=””” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer”>OLPC Development Wiki says that: Technically any language is usable Python is strongly encouraged, to have a single language “under the hood” when the curious child looks inside C/C++ should be […]

Wrox Blox: $4 Microcontent

Wrox has begun producing low-cost DRM-free electronic content. Their initial product offering is nicely eclectic: Leverage LINQ in ASP.NET 3.5 Projects by Roger Jennings This Wrox Blox introduces you to Language Integrated Query (LINQ), a .NET 3.5 application programming interface (API) and set of extensions to the Visual Basic and C# languages. Working with Animation […]