Coming To The Big Island This Week? The Helicopter Tour Might Be Worth It

<a href=””” target=”_blank” atomicselection=”true” rel=”noopener noreferrer”>Since I blogged the pause and restart of Pu’u O’o, for completeness I will report that the eruption on The Big Island of Hawai’i has not only returned, it’s in probably the most visually exciting phase it’s been in in years. After the Father’s Day earthquake swarm, the lava being […]

BS On Rails

Kurt Schrader wonders if he’s the first person to hit a point in a Rails app where he wonders if he’s “finally hit the point where the cost of maintaining our code in Ruby is higher than the savings by writing it in Ruby in the first place?” He says that: He misses the refactoring […]

Dr. Dobb’s Goes Flash-Based

Huh. I just received a link in email to “my” August issue of Dr. Dobb’s Journal. I’m not going to post the link I got, since it’s undoubtedly linked to me, but can anyone access It’s a Flash-based interface, but even when viewed in profile, full-screen (1050 x 1680), it’s annoyingly fuzzy: Which zooms […]

Turing Award Boosted to $250K: Put On Your Thinking Caps!

Google is joining Intel in putting more cash into the kitty for the Turing Award. To me, $250K is nonsensical — you should either go for the million (Who Wants To Be A CS Millionaire?) or maintain the super-coolness of the <a href=””” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer”>Fields Prize (cash value: $15000 Loonies).

Intel Open-Sources Its Excellent Threading Building Blocks Library

The very good Threading Building Blocks library from Intel, released last year around this time as 1.0 and being updated soon, has been <a href=””” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer”>open-sourced by Intel.  This is a hardcore C++ template library, but has some great-looking libraries and algorithms (lots of lock-free data structures). I’ve been unable to actually use the […]