Volcanic Caesura

After Pele rolled over, she’s gone into a deeper slumber and the Big Island is experiencing the lowest level of volcanic activity since 1983. Such pauses have happened twice before during the current 24-year-long eruption and previously lasted just a few weeks. The effect on the Kona (leeward) side of the island is dramatic. For […]

Forza 2 Killed My Launch XBox 360

Apparently, that my XBox 360 lasted from the day it went on sale until today is unusual. I was negotiating a turn in Forza 2 and the system froze. Rebooted, it froze during race startup. Rebooted, and now it’s “the Red Ring of Death.” According to <a href=”http://www.xbox360defective.com/yourstory.html”” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer”>this site, I can expect […]

Reading Shakespeare

 Charles Petzold has a post in which he talks about the unique experience of reading a book . In the post, Petzold mentions a device that caused a buzz at a recent O’Reilly conference; the device was a book that somehow embedded a screen for displaying hyperlinked content (from the picture, it looks like it used some […]

Borland StarTeam Best SCM Tool, Says Survey

eWeek is quoting an Evans Data survey in which Borland’s StarTeam was rated the best source control management (SCM) software, beating out CVS, IBM ClearCase/ClearQuest, Microsoft Visual SourceSafe, Microsoft Visual Studio Team System, Perforce, Serena/PVCS, and Subversion. It’s an interesting result, because surveys have a strong tendency to correlate with marketshare, but surely StarTeam does […]