The Missed Opportunity of a PDC Without a Grand Unveiling

“Professional Developer’s Conference.” “[T]he definitive developer event focused on the future of the Microsoft platform.” That sounds awesome, but is unfortunately paired with the clause “we try to align it to be in front of major platform milestones.” Given a major technology announcement, it’s logical that the PDC to, uh, “align in front.” A grand […]

Why Ruby’s The Mansion of Bliss

Scott Hanselman weighed in on the Ruby buzz, saying that no language is all things to all people at all times.  I agree, but think that there are a couple things about Ruby that don’t require us to get into language design philosophies. Let me quickly state that these things are not unique to Ruby, but may take […]

SubSonic: .NET-based Database Access Layer akin to Ruby’s ActiveRecord

Via  Rob Connery Interviewed by Miguel de Icaza, I took a quick look at SubSonic, which appears to be a good solution in the ASP.NET world for very rapidly generating Create-Retrieve-Update-Delete functionality pages that honor database foreign keys. One of the dazzlers in the Ruby world is a library called ActiveRecord, which powers similar functionality within […]

Microsoft’s Popfly: Getting Their Ducks In A Row

Popfly is the name (and URL) of Microsoft’s new non-professional developer community, a Windows Live site whose flashiest feature is a Silverlight-based “mashup editor” that facilitates pipes-and-filters development. Before reviewing the gratuitous 3-D spinning cubes, though, pay attention to the context: Visual Studio Express has had 14,000,000 downloads (source: Dan Fernandez personal communication). Of course […]