IronRuby announced

Scott Guthrie just announced IronRuby! Yeehaw!!!!!!

Silverlight binding; demoing on Mac

Dynamic Language Runtime announced

“Shipping later this week” (I’m sure he means shipping a beta / CTP)

Uses Ruby naming scheme when programming .NET libraries (weird. Not sure I like that.)

“Switch the console into Python mode, Ruby mode, VB mode” (he means something called “Dynamic VB”) is the commmunity site

(No sign of DLR / IronRuby / IronPython / Dynamic VB on that site as far as I can see)

“Componentize dispatching code, code generation, that sort of thing that compiler vendors do” … namechecks to Hugunin and Lam … we shipped this morning the DLR source code” on Codeplex …

( ? )