Cross-Platform CLR

Sam Gentile enthuses about the availability of the CLR on the Mac. Another thing is that Mac users, like PDA users, appear to be more willing to support small/Micro ISVs. Whether that would hold true for a Silverlight (i.e., non-native) UI, I don’t know. But maybe I’ll buy my first Mac since the F/X on which […]

Book Design

Charles Petzold and Jeff Atwood have gotten in a bit of a kerfluffle that, I think, is an unfortunate example of how online writing can escalate and over-dramatize disagreements between even two talented writers. I’m sure that Atwood appreciates Petzold’s work and I’m sure that Petzold appreciates constructive criticism. I’m not going to link to […]

IronRuby announced

Scott Guthrie just announced IronRuby! Yeehaw!!!!!! — Silverlight binding; demoing on Mac — Dynamic Language Runtime announced — “Shipping later this week” (I’m sure he means shipping a beta / CTP) — Uses Ruby naming scheme when programming .NET libraries (weird. Not sure I like that.) — “Switch the console into Python mode, Ruby mode, […]

First, we’ll need 3 monoliths…

Voyager is moving at ~17KPS … divided into 300,000 KPS … multiplied by 3600 * 24 * 365.25 … multiplied by 20. ~370,000 years to reach Gliese. To me, a 200-year mission is about what I could imagine our civilization buying into. No way gravity assist can scale; I don’t think solar sails scale; no way […]


Just back from a 4-day mini-vacation in Kauai, hiker’s paradise (well, if your idea of paradise is a hike in the rain to the world’s highest swamp along knife-edge ridges with 3,000′ drops…) Looks like I missed lots of interesting goings-on and Mix is going to generate tons of posts, so back to work. In […]