Keep the 404!

Unusually, I find myself disagreeing with Jeff Atwood and his statement that “Any 404 page that has the characters “404” on it, if not already an outright failure, is already well on its way to becoming one.” Jeff’s larger point is that one not use the default 404, which is good advice. But I think […]

Gaming Across Cultural Divides

Jon Udell suggests that if we have travel-like learning experiences online, then perhaps some of the non-obvious benefits of travel would also accrue in online environments. It’s a nice thought, but I’m thinking that you don’t necessarily choose “Gears of War” as your meeting ground.

Software Product Lines

However, the real-world development of software product lines is hampered by the real-world limitations of maintaining a stable center as the product-line offerings spin off in a widening gyre… Going Over the Software Product Line is the title of my latest SD Times column.

I, Hacked

So one of my servers is totally compromised by a rootkit called Hacker Defender. I’ve spent the day trying to clean it off, and I think I just pronged it for good (cross my fingers). It’s funny how I discovered the problem (and by funny, I mean, there’s nothing funny about it this): my Tomcat-based […]

2: The Prequel To 300

The weekend box office receipts aren’t yet published, but if Makalapua Cinemas in Kailua Kona are any benchmark of the American viewing population (and they aren’t), I predict that 300 will either set or approach record revenues. We actually saw Zodiac, which was excellent (it’s ending challenges you to consider the gap between “preponderance of […]

Assert(LOC(Test) ~= LOC(App))

Andrew Binstock discusses a talk with Agitar about “how many unit tests are enough?” The upshot is that if the amount of test code is roughly equal to the amount of application code, that generally translates into code coverage of around 70% and is generally “pretty good shape.” I think that’s probably about right, although I’ll admit […]

Wii Controls SAP via Ruby On Rails Mashup

I know that sounds like a some kind of Bayesian spam-evader, but apparently Edward Herrmann, a programmer at Colgate-Palmolive, and colleagues hacked their Wii controller to send messages to their Ruby On Rails application, which drove their SAP system (film after the jump). What a geek-tastic transcendance of normal categories. Thanks to Anthony Beecher for […]