InfoWorld is dead

IDG’s newsweekly, InfoWorld, is moving to an online-only format (Read Steve Fox’s, its Editor-in-Chief, discussion). Fox says that InfoWorld is not “going away,” but so far the conversion of a print readership to online has been, at best, problematic. There have been some credible attempts ( Byte, for instance) but the problems are considerable, not […]

Ready To Get Home

In the airport today, I saw a fellow browsing Sudoku books. Flipping through them, seemingly evaluating pages as one might check out a writer’s style. I thought about going up beside him, looking over his shoulder and saying “Well, that one’s trivial,” or “Oh, that one.” Last night I had a dream and it had […]

MSTest Moving to VS Pro

  Naysawn has announced that the Visual Studio unit testing framework (MSTest) is moving into the Pro SKU of Visual Studio. That’s a good start, but I want to lobby for going the whole way: Please move the unit testing framework into the .NET framework. Source: MSTest Moving to VS Pro Originally published on Wed, […]