A Few 365-Day Challenges

Ooh, this is tough; I’ve received a couple one-a-day challenges that are on things that I really do need to do. Jimmy Norton invited me into the Flickr Project 365 challenge, which is to post an image a day for a year. I am always dismayed to realize how little I photograph Hawai’i, which is […]

Peter Coffee Leaves eWeek for Salesforce

Peter Coffee, who’s been providing some of the most insightful, technically-based discussions of the IT and software industries for 18 years, has left eWeekto become Director of Platform Research at Salesforce.com. This is a significant loss to the field (although I am sure a great benefit to Salesforce.com). When I was an editor, especially at […]

Bad Comparison: 14 Line Python RegEx evaluator vs. Microsoft’s 14K lines

Wesner Moise points to “generalized regular expression matching” as a moderately hard problem that might serve as the basis for comparing programming languages and approaches. He says “Microsoft’s implementation of regular expression matching over strings is spread across 24 files and 14,455 lines of code including comments and whitespace.” (I’m not sure how he’d know […]

The Personal Threading Maturity Model

Alan Zeichick’s proposal of an organizational Threading Maturity Model is an excellent contribution. As with object-orientation, it does not suffice for a single person to have mastery or near-mastery; the average ability of the team must be fair in order to maintain quality, chaos can be wrought by just one or two who are unaware, […]