Vista Install Problems

I lag behind in this brave new era. I’ve been running Vista in VMWare virtual machines and having an acceptable, but not good, experience. No glass, no NUMA (one of the few interesting APIs targetting concurrency), performance less than stellar. However, with the time at hand to install Vista to the actual boot disk, I […]

First Look: Ruby In Steel

Here’s the Ruby In Steel editing / debugging experience. Intellisense works dynamically — as soon as you define a function, it becomes available to Intellisense. The debugging experience seems to be the standard VS one (that is, pretty darned good). REPL functionality is provided by IRB in a console window: not ideal, but convenient. There’s […]

Software Productivity: The Only Two Things That Matter

Joel Spolsky’s review of Dreaming in Code makes the point that Chandler is yet another high-quality data point that, contrary to the initial exhortations, Open Source is not a significantly-more-productive development methodology. It turns out that Open Source is an interesting business model (somewhat to my surprise) and that free-as-in-beer is a killer competitive strategy […]