Mandelbrot Shader: Holy Effing Crap!

Absolute times to calculate a fixed range of the Mandelbrot set: Machine Concurrency Language Time Dual-Opteron Singlethreaded C# ~0.81 Dual-Opteron Multithreaded C# ~0.45 Dual-Opteron Singlethreaded C++ ~0.50 Dual-Opteron Multithreaded C++ ~0.38 XBox 360 Singlethreaded C# ~4.4 XBox 360 Multithreaded C# ~2.1 XBox 360 GPU Shader HLSL ~0.05 This isn’t even fair because the non-GPU timings are […]

XNA Multithreading: Must Set Processor Affinity Manually

<a href=””” atomicselection=”true”> Ah, that’s more like it. This is a graph of duration (in seconds) versus the number of threads during a calculation of a Mandelbrot set using the XNA Framework on the XBox 360 (Neil: The previous graph was normalized speed, as you suspected. For more on labeling the Axis in Office 12, […]