I’m emotionally reversed

Julie Lerman parsed from an email of mine that I : am “kinda nervous” about Tina’s first mammogram since her mastectomy, was “scared” by the 12′ tiger shark I saw while diving the other day, and am “terrified” of installing a new hard drive Apparently, I’ve got an inverter on my nervousness circuits. (Incidentally, Tina […]

Modified Snapshot Pattern

Here’s a good pattern to use when you have a domain object that combines non-varying and time-varying data. Perrin’s modified the original pattern to use generics: a good choice. (Why is it a good choice? Because objects that combine these two types of data are usually conceived of in a direct-but-composed way: we don’t think […]

CodeGear and The Blogosphere

A few days ago was launched the biggest, most experienced, development tools company to be created since the dot-com era. A company that’s explicitly turning away from managerial buzzwords in order to concentrate on language implementations, libraries, and tool-chains that will cross platforms. The company includes people who developed some of the world’s fastest-working compilers, […]

No New Features

TeX and METAFONT have version numbers that asymptotically approach ? and e. This reflects Don Knuth‘s decision that it’s more important to create consistency with those tools than to add features. I’ve thought about something similar with programming language design: languages like Java and C# were very “teachable” in their initial releases. The addition of […]