IronPython as a Foundation for DSLs

The release of IronPython is, in and of itself, A Good Thing. But maybe the best thing is that it’s a shared-source release with a very reasonable license. Not because I’m a utopian about the quality of open source, but because I really quite like the code structure. Apropos my dismay that there is not […]

40 Quatloos On the Newcomers!

Amazon has released “Unbox,” their video purchase / download service. TV shows are $1.99 each and you get $1.99 rebate on your first purchase. They’ve got all 3 seasons of Star Trek and I’m greatly tempted to have colorful glowing brains wagering quatloos (until Kirk teaches ’em what real wagering’s all about) just a mouse-click […]

Two Views On Ruby Columns Now Online

The September 1st issue of SD Times contains two opinions on Ruby, “It Isn’t All A Gem,” by Andrew Binstock and my “Crossing the Chasm.” Allen Holub’s column “Just Say No to XML” is also provocative. As usual, surface disagreements belie underlying agreements: there is nothing that either Andrew or Allen says that I think […]