Borland Gives Up On Core SDP: I Wonder How Much That Cost ‘Em?

Borland is abandoning its two-year-old strategy of delivering a “software development platform” to further the goal of “software delivery optimization.” As I feared from the start, Borland’s over-stuffed product portfolio and large ambitions clashed with their limited resources. To summarize: Borland was once the most loved brand in the programming world. They squandered that in […]

Victoria Crater Makes My Heart Go Pitter-Patter

<a href=””” target=”_new” atomicselection=”true” rel=”noopener noreferrer”> The image above is linked to the 2680 x 982  original. If you’ve got dual-monitors and can stretch it out, it’s an amazing vista of, you know, the surface of another planet.

SD Times Latest

At the risk of sounding immodest, I think we SD Times columnists have been hitting on all cylinders for the past few issues. The latest issue includes Allen Holub on FitNesse testing, Andrew Binstock on free books for programmers, and some crap from me on XNA and non-professional programming (written before I’d gotten hands on XNA. […]

.NET Template Engine: A Step Towards DSLs

This article on Code Project (found via Steve Pietrek) might be an excellent stepping-stone for someone trying to learn language-design and compiler technologies. While code-generation and templates are good first steps and are easy to do easy things, but you should be aware that as the semantics of what you’re trying to accomplish increases, the […]

Strap On Tinfoil Hat, Unleash the FOIA: NSA Publications Includes &quot;Key to the Extraterrestrial Messages&quot;

A researcher has been plugging away at the NSA with the Freedom of Information Act. He’s recently received an index to NSA publications (the publications are not yet available). Among the articles that have appeared in NSA Technical Journal: “Extraterrestrial Intelligence” and “Key to the Extraterrestrial Messages.” I’m going to guess that the articles aren’t […]

Alan Zeichick Joins Blogosphere

Alan Zeichick, the man who put the “Z” in BZ Media, has started to blog. Alan’s been in the “writing about computers” business since Radio Shak Model 100 days and we’ve worked together since 1989. I have no idea where he’ll find the time to blog, but on the other hand, he’s one of the […]

Smalltalk Daily

James Robertson is producing a series of screencasts providing a Smalltalk overview. I highly recommend taking a look if you are not familiar with Smalltalk. You’ve undoubtedly heard of Smalltalk and perhaps have seem some Smalltalk syntax, but if you’ve not seen the Smalltalk development environment in use, you might not understand how radically different […]

Exceptions in the Manycore Era

Here’s some interesting reading on the challenges of and possible strategies for dealing with exceptions in concurrent versions of C++. The try…catch…finally model of exception handling introduces its own control flow. How will that interact with concurrent models in which you’re passing around a “future” (essentially, an IOU that can be cashed in for the […]