Tina’s cancer-free

I’ve mentioned my wife’s breast cancer on this blog a few times and now, officially, it’s my wife’s ex-breast cancer. We’re back home after recuperating from her 3rd surgery (if you need to recuperate from a surgery and are looking for a place with a fun view, I highly recommend the Marriott Waikiki). Her pathology […]

Active Record as a Rule Engine

Snap! Ayende Rahein has shown how Active Record can be used to implement a rules engine. I’d had some thoughts about backward-chaining and LINQ lately as part of a forthcoming post, it’s nice to see some groundwork laid. BTW, this is via Sam Gentile, whose <a href=”http://www.knowing.net/ct.ashx?id=4de0b8d1-1158-478b-8c47-6c48975adb9d&url=http%3a%2f%2fcodebetter.com%2fblogs%2fsam.gentile%2fdefault.aspx”” target=_blank rel=”noopener noreferrer”>blog is very high quality and […]