Ruby Read

According to Tim O’Reilly’s always interesting quarterly analysis of the book industry, Ruby is doing extraordinarily well, with a 689% quarterly increase in sales and is now approaching Perl in terms of book sales. Caveats include the (some would say profound) difference between book sales and use. Most Perl programmers already have accumulated books on […]

On Being Dugg

On June 19, I posted 3 articles, “15 Exercises to Known a Programming Language,” which came to the attention of Digg and was, for a few days, on the front page (and even the top item) in the Programming theme. I’ve finally gotten around to reviewing my logs. While the article got about 8 times […]

Hardware Woes Continue

I finally got a dual-processor motherboard that boots (a Tyan S2885) only to discover that I only have 2GB of “registered” DDRAM, making my other 4GB of RAM worthless on this computer. Well, easy enough to deal with later, I think, happily screwing the motherboard down into my case. Now, slide the drive cages into… […]

Chip week begins: AMD slashes prices

AMD unveiled new chip pricing today, trying to steal some thunder from the outstanding reviews garnered by <a href=””” target=_blank rel=”noopener noreferrer”>Intel’s Core2Duo chips. Personally, I’ve got a socket 940 thing going on, so I’m sticking with AMD. I’ll probably build an Intel-based desktop when they ship quad-cores, which they claim they’ll do by the […]

I HATE Hardware

The last thing I saw last night was something about “Do not turn off or remove the power cord from your computer” for some no-doubt-critical update. This morning, my desktop doesn’t POST. It hangs right at the point the RAM count happens. Now, I don’t think an OS upgrade can effect POST, so perhaps it’s […]