The Haar Transform

The Haar Transform Saturday, June 24, 2006 9:52 AM In my posts "15 Exercises to Know a Programming Language," I suggested some exercises investigating the Haar wavelet, the simplest wavelet. I intended to leave it as is so that people could discover this fascinating subject on their own, but a couple of questions I’ve received […]

TOAD for MySql: Free Must-Have Tool

How did I miss this? The tool TOAD by Quest Software is utterly essential to developers using Oracle (and, I would guess, DB2). It’s not quite utterly necessary for SQL Server developers who have access to one of the higher-end Visual Studio SKUs. But… ah hah! … it is available for MySQL for free. (Irritating […]

Novell cans CEO, CFO

Novell today terminated CEO Jack Messman and CFO Joseph Tibbetts. Messman is replaced immediately by Ronald Hovsepian, Dana Russell is interim CFO. Novell has long been the hardest-to-parse of the major OS vendors. To say they “owned” the network market in the early 90s is to understate things. Their fumbles have been extraordinary. Lately, I’ve liked […]

Jolt Award: Considering Dynamic Categorization via Tagging

The Jolt Awards are the major industry award for software development tools (compilers, libraries, etc.). One problem we face every year is proper classification of tools. Traditionally, we try to refine / fine tune the previous year’s categories (Development Environments; Libraries, Frameworks, and Components; etc.). Problems arise frequently balancing the number of products in a […]