Learning Darts

I bought a dartboard a month ago to give me something to fidget with while thinking. Rather than struggle with cricket or any “real” dart game, I’ve been training myself with a game I call “golf.” I go around the numbers in the board, and if I hit the target number in 3 throws, that’s […]

I, Patent Troll

In the dot-com days, my work led to three, count ’em, three patent applications. In all cases, I’d signed over the IP rights to the company. Both companies went bankrupt before the patents went through, leaving me to understand that the IP is now the property of creditors, who were free to auction it off […]

Ultra-ambitious “Made in Express” Finalists Reveal Newbie Programmer Expectations of AI

Microsoft is running a contest called “Made in Express” that will pay out $10,000 to the best application written in Microsoft’s entry-level version of Visual Studio. The proposals chosen as finalists are, to put it kindly, ambitious: an AI psychotherapist (assuming that the person doesn’t just cut-and-paste Eliza); an autonomous robot capable of traversing rough […]