Sapphire in Steel: Ruby Programming in VS2005

Huw Collingbourne turned me on to Sapphire in Steel, a Ruby programming environment implemented as a VS2005 plug-in: “Ruby In Steel 0.5.12 provides syntax sensitive code colouring and collapsing; a fully integrated interactive console which can be docked within the Visual Studio environment; integrated syntax error handling – click on the error message to locate […]

How I Learned To Program, Part 2

It’s probably not shocking to hear that as a teen I played Dungeons & Dragons. Rob, the super-cool guy who worked at “Games People Play” (he wore leggings, a buck knife on his belt, and occasionally carried a bo staff. We worshipped him), told me there were some good DMs at MIT’s D&D club. So […]

How I Learned To Program

John Montgomery is wondering how people learned to program, especially non-professional programmers. Well, some years I make more money writing than programming, so here’s my story: My desire to learn programming was sparked by my Dad bringing home Ted Nelson’s “Computer Lib/Dream Machines” — an oversized paperback that contained cartoons, LISP and Basic listings, and low-contrast […]