Predicate Dispatch

Okay, since I’ve spent the whole damn day talking about other people’s languages, let me tell you something that I would give a lot of thought to if I were designing a language. Consider C# 3.0 extension syntax: static void Foo(this String s){ … } static void Foo(this Int32 i) { … } s = “hello”; […]

Trends in language syntax

Who said I wasn’t fond of Delphi? Look: Delphi is a great tool. I wish absolutely nothing but the best for DevCo and the Delphi development community. < ?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />   However…   I have yet to hear an argument that makes me think that the Delphi language is […]

Fucking Shit

We just found out that the fucking margins on Tina’s second fucking lumpectomy aren’t clear, meaning that she either has to get another fucking lumpectomy or a fucking mastectomy. Total fucking shit. And today’s our fourteenth fucking wedding anniversary. This is the type of situation for which I keep swearing in reserve.

Learning to Program

John Montgomery wonders what would be good non-traditional ways to learn to program (where “traditional == text-based tutorial”). This is a subject dear to my heart and I started to write a post, but it looks like that’s turning into an article, so here I’ll just make the observation that the expectation of what is intriguing […]

LaPlante leaving Microsoft, Replaced by Outsider Andrew Kass

Rick LaPlante, who was largely responsible for Microsoft’s strategic embrace of Application Lifecycle Management and the “super-sizing” of the IDE into VSTS, is leaving Microsoft and turning over the keys to Andrew Kass. Kass is most recently SVP of Product Development at an Atlanta company called S1 that “delivers customer interaction software for financial and […]

Notes on Sharks, Written While Waiting for My Wife to Emerge from Cancer Surgery

With sharks, there is no theme music. Between Hollywood and The Discovery Channel, you can become familiar with sharks: their grace, their lethality, their cartilaginous skeletal systems. An actual encounter, as far as detail or knowledge goes, is largely superfluous. The sinuous way they move and the apparent lack of effort in currents that forces […]