Site issues

I’ve heard from several people that permalinks to this site fail initially, but if you reload the page, they work (but, of course, most people just click away at the first 404). The site is hosted with Gearhost, with whom I’m generally pleased, but I don’t have access to the actual OS, all I can […]

Why DDJ Won’t Change

Joel Spolsky incorrectly read the announcement as SD taking over the Dobb’s name. Dan Read  hopes this might mean a hybrid magazine that combines the best of both. At the risk of alienating my future potential editors, almost certainly not. So far, what we’ve got looks like the pro forma assurances that are typical of an all-out […]

SD Magazine: R.I.P.

Oh well. The writing had been on the wall, but today it’s official: Software Development magazine, which I founded in 1992, has been absorbed by Dr. Dobb’s Journal and will cease publication. Ironically, SD was born when Dr. Dobb’s absorbed Computer Language after Miller Freeman (now CMP) bought DDJ. Between the two events, that means […]

Oscars, Sopranos, & Babylon 5

Having just watched “Junebug” (so far, my favorite movie released in 2005, but Hawaii being what it is, I haven’t yet seen some others that I expect to like a lot), we were reflecting on how over-rated “Crash” is. At this point, if you want to see characters that have truly complex moral struggles, you’re far better off […]

Wikipedia is ripe for AI Exploitation

Researchers have already begun using Google to help with AI tasks. For instance, if you search Google for two words, you can get a sense of their relatedness by comparing the relative number of links returned (e.g., “cat and dog” vs. “cat and politics” Wikipedia is an even greater potential source of data for AI […]

C# & VB: Peer Pressure vs. Random Walk

Programming language popularity is a fascination of mine and has been since (at least) I joined “Computer Language” magazine “back in the day.” Note that this is a different fascination than programming language capability, which goes all the way back to the time I read my Dad’s copy of “Computer Lib/Dream Machines” because it had […]