No-Longer-Borland Folk Seem Confident

Every indication is that the people involved in Borland’s compilers and IDE are confident that they will carry the products forward. I talked to a couple people and I still haven’t heard of a specific suitor, but there’s also a real tone of confidence. There’s already a “Delphi Corporation”, but there doesn’t seem to be […]

Borland Casting Off IDE, Compilers

Today, Borland announced that they are seeking a buyer for their line of IDEs and compilers and will concentrate on their Application Lifecycle Management tools. They also announced that they’re buying Segue, which on a normal day would be big news, but, my god, the end of Turbo? This really feels like the passing of […]

Low on brains

When I’m struggling with a hard problem, I often find myself subvocalizing the logic. It’s surprising how often thinking “And therefore..” results in shaking free an elusive conclusion. But not always. Today, as I tried to figure out some Win32 IPC problem, I found myself thinking the following thought: “And if that works, then undoubtedly […]