IE7 Warns That This Site Might Be Phishing (It Isn’t)

So a second ago I brought up my homepage and was surprised to see a little “Suspicious Website” button beside the address bar. A phishing site? Moi? So, the good news is that you click on it and right away there’s a link that says “I’m the owner, and I want to correct this report.” Okay, good points for that. The resulting form, though, is filled with “Why do you collect personal information?” “Link to your privacy statement,” etc. questions that assume guilt. To top it off, they give you the hardest damn CAPTCHA I’ve ever seen — something like 6 or 7 totally obfuscated letters and numbers.

In addition to being irritating, this is pretty damning of IEs antiphish technology. This is a very straightforward site that is not on a dynamic IP, runs a well-known piece of software (dasBlog), and the domain is directly registered by me. If this site gets flagged as suspicious, I can’t imagine how many legitimate business sites are going to be flagged.

Update: I received an “after review, it seems you are not a phish site” email in just over an hour. Was it an automatic process or a very efficient person? Hard to say, but I suspect that an automatic “closer scrutiny” gave me a pass and then a human approved it. Still, good response to a bad situation.