What’s wrong with being a hairdresser?

OptionsScalper’s kid got a 3.93GPA on her report card and he feels relieved she won’t be a hairdresser. I once heard a computer programmer testifying in his bankruptcy hearing that his ex-as-of-last-month-wife was a hairdresser in Palo Alto and made $160,000 per year. (I was there under the mistaken belief that the bankruptcy hearing was […]

Stream Music via FM

A few weeks ago I bought a Griffin RocketFM Transmitter, a super-clever USB gadget that allows me to stream music from my desktop machine (in my office) to my living room stereo system. It works perfectly — I can listen to KEXP, podcasts, what-have-you. The fidelity, I’m sure, isn’t what you’d get from a dedicated […]

XBox 360 Experiences

So my determination “not to open the XBox 360 until I finished my month’s work” lasted about 24 hours. Yesterday was Thanksgiving, for heaven’s sake! A holiday! Heck, I wrote 700 words in the morning. Only 3,500 to go before next Wednesday. I’m cruising, for heaven’s sake. The first thing about the XBox 360 experience […]

Scored an Xbox360

Much to my surprise, my local Costco had 23 units. When I arrived an hour before opening, I was 9th in line and, when I left the store they still had at least 4 units sitting in the cage. (Ah, the joys of living in a small town!) Now, in an unmatched exhibition of self-control, […]

I bricked my SMT5600 Smartphone

I decided to switch to an official Cingular calling plan now that it’s been a year since AT&T Wireless went away. I took in my year-and-change-old $300 SMT5600 Smartphone and was told I’d have to get it unlocked before it would work with Cingular. (But it already works with Cingular…) So I went a-Googling, installed […]

The Multicore Revolution And Language Design

The software development community is about the fall off a cliff. Single-threaded programs will never run faster than they run today Think about it: clock speeds have maxed out and no mainstream programming language is automatically parallelizable. Pissing matches about Java versus CLI generics are irrelevant. The Intel and AMD roadmaps show that for the […]