Why aren’t IDEs incredibly fun?

Ted Leung (http://www.sauria.com/blog/2005/10/20#1406< ?xml:namespace prefix = o />) wonders “?Where are the incredibly fun programming tools?…. Many [IDEs] take out some of the tedious tasks associated with programming, but none of them give me that feeling that they are enhancing my creativity or thinking?.” To me, the features of programming languages are what give me […]

Ward Cunningham Abandons Microsoft, Joins Eclipse

Via http://www.peterprovost.org/archive/2005/10/17/8707.aspx: …this link from EclipseZone.com announcing that Ward is going to be joining the Eclipse Foundation… Ward Cunningham’s joining Microsoft was (rightly) touted by that company as a bit of a coup. Cunningham is univerally admired for his ability to conceive of and implement simple yet powerful concepts, including the Wiki and FIT and […]