Art Historians Want Side-By-Side PowerPoint, Lament the End of Kodak Carousels

My friend the Art Historian tells me that Kodak has announced that they will cease manufacture of slide carrousels, much to the chagrin of thousands of museums and colleges. He also says that there is a multimillion-dollar market for a presentation program that can show, side-by-side, two randomly-accessed images (i.e., “Let’s compare a Manet on […]

Einstein’s Riddle in C#

Inspired by Edi Weitz’ solution to Einstein’s Riddle in Common Lisp (via O’Reilly Radar), I used Andy Chun’s NSolver constraint programming library to solve the program using .NET. Here’s a sense of what C# / NSolver looks like: //The green house’s owner drinks coffee >Post(greenHouse.Eq(coffee)); //The person who smokes Pall Mall rears birds Post(pallMall.Eq(birds)); //The […]