Annotating the planet

Jon Udell’s walking tour / GPS / Google maps screencast is absolutely stunning. I have GPS / photo montages locked up in proprietary software (DeLorme mapping software), but this is incredibly inspiring.  I haven’t read his links on how he actually built it — I can’t wait to start doing something similar for the Big […]

IronPython Resurfacing?

< blockquote style=’margin-top:5.0pt;margin-bottom:5.0pt’>  [T]he PyCon 2005 keynote session Python on the .NET Platform on Wednesday March 23rd will hopefully coincide with the release a much more complete implementation.  Via [Cook Computing] Jim Hugunin has been MIA for months. I talked to John Montgomery a few weeks back, who swore that Hugunin was still alive and […]

Referral Spamming

I was just looking through my server logs to try to see what kind of searches were bringing people on the site. Instead, I saw a whole bunch of inbound links from a particular high-level domain that apparently teaches people how to play poker. Doesn’t make sense; I like poker, but there’s no way this […]

Easy way to draw traffic

Engadget columnist Ross Rubin declares the death of pen computing. The premise of the column is that pen computing doesn’t add enough value. There is value the article claims in diagramming and forms–but this just isn’t enough to justify the expensive of providing one. Just use a separate digitizing pad if you must …. reminds […]