Yeah, it is at least a little about Text entry speed

 Iggy says: I wonder if anybody really cares about text entry speeds in a time when cheap scanners and great OCR technologies are widely available. I doubt there is any relationship between text entry speeds and good writing or good coding which are text intensive activities…Most good writing or coding that i have done involved an iterative process that had some design or outlining (big picture analysis and all that) and then the laying out of text, and then some more design/outlining, and then more text or rearranging of the exisiting text. This process is not enhanced by faster text entry speeds…via [Tablet PC hep!]

While it’s definitely true that editing and revising are crucial to writing / coding (and this is one of the reasons why the TIP isn’t the sole answer to creating a killer writing app on the Tablet), one of the things that has really struck me while working on Pynk is that it’s really unacceptable to take 30 seconds to get “io.Ink.Strokes.ToString()” into the machine.