Let the fools have their tartar sauce!

There’s an early Simpsons where Mr. Burns somehow comes to believe that Homer is a fellow predatory capitalist. When he asks Homer how to improve the working environment, Homer says that he’d like the fish sticks in the cafeteria to come with more tartar sauce. Burns marvels at this Machiavellian way to buy the affection of the exploited.

My friend Fabian is consulting at Google and is dazzled by the tartar sauce:

This is my fourth day out at Google and I just have to comment on the cafeteria. Like Butthead used to say, “It is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen!” The menu is outstanding and the price? Free. That’s right, after you load up on food there isn’t a cash register in sight. It’s amazing.

And if that isn’t enough, they just don’t serve lunch, they serve dinner too. Via [The Daily Nugget]