Aux Displays

Microsoft is now showing prototypes of tablets with auxiliary displays. The idea is that there’s some stuff (at the very least, “your next appointment”) that you want to see all the time. The exact definition of what this stuff might be is extremely fuzzy — for instance, I’ve heard people say “Email” but for laptops […]

Okay, it’s kind of political still, but it’s funny…

”if you are a senior majoring in computer science and are seriously thinking of leaving the country due to the election results, you might be interested in my international English-language Masters program in parallel and distributed computer systems…” — Andrew Tanenbaum, the “votemaster” at makes the best of things. (Tanenbaum, by the way, is […]


The roughest thing about this election is that, let’s face it, this was the Democrats’ best shot. Four years ago, you could blame Gore for running away from the Clinton record. Two years ago, you could look at the spineless Republican-Lite strategy of the DNC. But yesterday it came down to a candidate nominated very much for […]