Sciral Consistency

I have never registered a piece of shareware faster than I did this morning after trying out Sciral Consistency. This is a to-do manager for repetitive tasks that can occur within a range of days (for instance, you need to do the bills twice a month, but an Outlook repetitive task scheduling them for “5 […]

Tablet PC Jumps The Shark

Time magazine today named the Intel Centrino mobile technology wireless surfboard as one of the Coolest Inventions of 2004… Via  [Tablet PC hep!] Lordy, lordy, lordy. When this counts as the coolest thing that done with a technology, we’re in trouble. BTW, I’m doing a surf report Konfabulator widget (For the logic impaired, it’s usually […]

Language Oriented Programming

Via [Lambda the Ultimate – Programming Languages Weblog] I found JetBrain’s Sergey Dimitriev’s very important whitepaper on “Language Oriented Programming: The Next Programming Paradigm” This is the best brief explanation I’ve seen of the emerging consensus that the software development industry is finally poised to move beyond general-purpose languages. This echoes much of what Microsoft […]