On Rereading Joels Article I Think His Argument Boils Down To IMG Srchttpwwwthinkinginnetgems79

On rereading Joel’s article, I think his argument boils down to: He’s not denying the need to rely on “external dependencies,” he’s advocating that such dependencies be localized. Why? Because when there are several external dependencies, they have a tendency to have internal dependencies, and you tend to need a very specific set of versions and […]

Faster Blogger! Kill! Kill!

That’s it: I’ve just unsubscribed from Scoble’s link blog (headlines from 1400 feeds). Whatever the solution is to post-linking while maintaining credit / click-through, titles are insufficient. Scoble generally posts in batches of several dozen things he finds interesting. I’ve said before that I’m skeptical of linking without commenting, but even if I might accept […]