Gates talks to employees, causes furor

via [Scobleizer: Microsoft Geek Blogger] Sara Ford got a four-word email from Bill Gates (in response to an email from her) and apparently this is cause for celebration, skepticism, and general up-roar-ary. That’s extremely disturbing. Gates’ is the boss^h^h^h^h … er… “Chief Software Architect” of a 50,000-person business. A technology business. Quite frankly, everyone who’s worked […]

T-shirt air cannon?

One of the t-shirt hurling contest entrants sent some photos of their entry. via [James Gosling: on the Java road…] < p dir=”ltr”> For those who’ve never been to JavaOne, the hurling of t-shirts to the audience (and let’s face it: that is what keeps the conference industry alive) in ever-more-elaborate ways is a tradition. Last […]

Favorite Geek Movies

Richard Callaby’s favorite geek movies are: Sneakers War Games Hackers Anti-Trust Triumph of the Nerds Mine are: Minority Report (I loved that pre-crime interface! Oh, and you must check this probably-not-intended-for-public-consumption page at Microsoft Research: Blade Runner War Games Matrix Lord of the Rings Trilogy Hmmm… Several of mine aren’t about geeks per […]